Downsizing for Prime? Here are 7 Things You Can’t Leave Behind

by | Jun 8, 2023 | Blog

If you’re planning a move to a Prime Independent Living facility, deciding what to pack could be your biggest problem. (If you’re not planning a move to Prime, book a tour right now and read this article later.) Sports trophies or memorabilia? Moving van. Garden gnomes? Yard sale. Tiki totems from your Hawaii vacation? That’s a tough one…

To help you resolve your downsizing dilemmas, here’s a list of things our residents are glad they didn’t throw in the “No” pile.

  • Tennis shoes — At least one pair, as you’ll be wearing them out pretty quickly. Prime Independent Living’s fitness programs are designed to get residents moving, dancing and laughing. We offer full-body “drumming” workouts, seated exercise routines, women’s fitness sessions and much more. And those are just the scheduled classes. If you still have energy to burn, you can work up a sweat on the pickleball court or try to beat your best score on the 18-hole putting green.
  • Favorite cookware — You’re moving into an apartment with a modern, full-sized kitchen so why not make the most of it? Invite new friends around to sample your crowd-pleasing recipes or sign up for one of our chili cook-offs or baking competitions. (If you think the Great British Baking Show is competitive, wait until you see the Prime version.)
  • Wine glasses — If your champagne flutes are gathering dust at the back of a cabinet, you may be thinking of leaving them behind. Think again! At Prime, someone somewhere is always celebrating something, from birthday parties to holiday jamborees. We passionately believe that older adults can enjoy the finer things in life and live a healthy lifestyle, which is why wine, chocolate and charcuterie-themed events feature prominently on our events schedule.
  • Front door decor — You can learn a lot about your neighbors at Prime just by observing how their front doors change with the seasons. From elegant winter wreaths to spooky Halloween stencils, there’s always something inviting you to knock and say hi. And while you’re at it, why not bring your favorite outdoor seating, plus a wind chime or bird feeder to hang on your porch or patio?
  • Dressing-up clothes — Talking of Halloween, don’t even think about donating your wigs, witch’s hats and weird apparel to the thrift store. And that’s just one day in the costume calendar — you can also bring something green for St. Patrick’s Day, a feather boa for Mardi Gras, an ugly sweater for Christmas and a bra you can decorate for — well, what party isn’t improved by a blinged-up bra?
  • Your car — If you like to drive, the shops, sights and restaurants will be nearby from your (beautifully decorated) front door. Or sell your car, hop on our scheduled transportation and use what you save on gas and insurance to buy more tennis shoes.
  • Beloved coffee cups — Rain or shine and around the clock, there’s a hot cup of joe with your name on it at our coffee bar. Best of all, it’s on the house!

These are just a few of our residents’ favorite things. To get more “rightsizing” tips from people who have been through the process, sign up for one of our open-house events. Wine glasses provided!

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