6 Benefits of Apartment Living for Seniors

by | Jun 6, 2024 | Blog, Prime Carolina Coast

More senior adults than ever are choosing to move to apartment living instead of home ownership. Why? The reasons vary from person to person, of course: Some may see it as a way to decrease their financial burdens. Others may want a more sustainable lifestyle. Still others are simply tired of caring for a large home. 

Whatever the reasons, many older adults find apartment living a genuine upgrade to their overall well-being and happiness. Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly cited benefits of apartment living for senior adults. 


Take a moment and think. How much of your home do you actually use? Are there spaces you rarely set foot in? Do you find yourself organizing or cleaning items you rarely use or barely notice any more? If so, it may be time to consider whether your house and belongings are serving your current life well. 

Many older adults find that shedding extra space and things frees up time and energy they can then dedicate to more enriching pursuits. Since apartments come in a variety of sizes and layouts, you can choose a more-manageable space that suits the life you want. 

Reduced Maintenance and Upkeep 

As we get older, our energy and patience for dealing with household maintenance and upkeep often wanes. Making an entire house ready for you to age in place can be a burden: adding nightlights to the hallway or grab bars to the bathroom is a simple thing, but figuring out a solution to stairs or redoing flooring for safety can be a lot to handle financially and logistically.

Move to an apartment, and you won’t have to worry about lawn care, landscaping, or exterior repairs, freeing up time and energy for other activities. Plus, you can choose an option that’s already suited for your age-in-place needs or that requires only simple changes to make it so.

Lower Cost of Living 

Depending on your situation, apartment living can be more affordable than owning a house. If you’re still paying off a significant portion of your mortgage, you might find the monthly payments difficult on a fixed income. The side costs of home ownership—property taxes, homeowners insurance, or major repairs—can also significantly strain your finances. 

Selling your house in exchange for an apartment can free up some of the equity in your home and reduce these financial obligations. You’ll also be free of household expenses that can fluctuate widely, like utility bills during peak season. 

Convenience and Accessibility 

Most suburban homes require you to drive in order to access anything from essential services to recreational venues. This can leave you confined to your home more often than you wish to be, especially if your transportation resources are limited.

In contrast, many apartment communities are conveniently located near shops, restaurants, and healthcare facilities. This makes it easier to run errands, meet friends, enjoy a fun outing, or secure the care you need without having to travel long distances.

Increased Safety and Security: 

Many older adults, particularly solo agers, become concerned about their security at home as they age. Living in an apartment can offer a buffer against several sources of anxiety. For instance, one-story apartments eliminate the risk of falls associated with stairs. Many apartment buildings also include controlled access entry, security cameras, and on-site staff to deter crime and provide a sense of security. In the event you do experience an injury at home, you’ll be closer to neighbors, first responders, and health facilities who can help.

Enhanced Socialization and Community 

Apartment living often offers opportunities to connect with neighbors through social events, activities, and shared spaces. This can help combat social isolation and foster a sense of belonging, which is crucial for your well-being—no matter what your age.

A Tailored Solution: Try an Independent Senior Living Apartment

Does apartment living sound like it might be for you? Consider a spot in an independent senior living apartment community. Created for adults age 55 and older, these campuses are garnering an increasing share of the senior living market. Why? 

Independence maintained: Senior living apartments allow you to remain totally independent, including, for example, a fully-equipped kitchen and laundry room. 

  • Additional free time: Many communities offer regular maintenance and housekeeping services. At Prime Carolina Coast, we also have a dining room that provides three meals a day, including made-from-scratch dishes and fresh fruits and veggies. Without the grind of daily tasks, you can devote your time to what you really want to do.
  • On-site services and amenities: Independent senior living campuses offer on-site amenities that create opportunities for exercise, relaxation, and entertainment. For example, Prime Carolina Coast’s amenities include a well-equipped fitness center, transportation services, pickleball court, small movie theater, and bark park for your pets. 
  • Peace of mind: All regular services and apartment utilities (Wi-Fi, electricity, water) are included in your monthly apartment bill, making your finances much easier to track. At Prime Carolina Coast, we also offer a 24-hour concierge and a personal emergency response device, so you can access help and support quickly if you need it. 
  • Community: Best of all, you’ll be surrounded by a community of older adults just like you that you can get to know. At Prime Carolina Coast, we extend that with a bustling social calendar of events ranging from holiday celebrations to resident-led clubs and classes. 

Apartment living can absolutely be the right answer for you in retirement, enhancing your personal well-being, social life, and peace of mind. By freeing up your time and finances, you can better build a supportive community and pursue the retirement life of your dreams. 

If you’re interested in investigating an independent senior living apartment, contact us at Prime Carolina Coast in South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach area. We’re happy to talk with you or tour our campus together!

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