What Do Retiring Baby Boomers Need?

by | May 3, 2024 | Blog, Prime Carolina Coast, Prime Independent Living

As the baby boomer generation hits retirement age, it’s changing the way that retirement living works. Not only are baby boomers expanding the senior living population dramatically, they’re also bringing new expectations to the senior housing community.

At Prime Carolina Coast, we’re incorporating answers to these new needs into the fabric of our community. But before we tell you how, let’s take a look at exactly how baby boomers are aging differently than previous generations.

A New Generation, a New Reality

Retiring earlier: While many baby boomers are holding onto their jobs for longer, a good portion are instead retiring early due to the changes brought about by the pandemic. This younger, more active cohort wants a different kind of retirement living.

Living longer and healthier: Baby boomers are also living longer than previous generations on average. The average life expectancy for both men and women is into the 70s, with many expected to live well into their 80s and 90s. Key reasons include the ever-improving healthcare available as well as a generational focus on healthy living pursuits, such as nutritious dining and an active lifestyle.

More active and independent: As a result of their lifestyle choices, many boomers are staying healthy and physically active longer than previous generations at the same age. And, thus, they’re more likely to live in independent housing well into their retirement years. They also make a point to stay engaged with friends, hobbies, and other outside-the-home activities.

More tech-savvy: Boomers are the most technologically savvy generation ever to retire, and they’ve brought their hard-earned tech adaptability to their aging experience. They expect Wi-Fi connectivity in their home and the ability to easily access family, community, services, and entertainment through their devices.

More financially savvy: Some baby boomers may have a higher budget for senior living, but many remain cost conscious. They don’t need luxury and only want bells and whistles that work for them. They need budget-friendly options with transparent pricing structures.

Expect tailored living situations: These new realities open up a broader set of personal expectations for retirement. Older adults with significant health problems may still need the substantial help that traditional assisted living facilities offer. But younger, more-active baby boomers who are retiring prefer to maintain their independence, even as they downsize and leave some of the demands of personal home ownership behind. In other words, retirees today want options.

Baby boomers engaging with the senior living community expect more than their predecessors. And since they’re the largest retirement generation ever in U.S. history, the senior living industry has plenty of incentive to widen the scope of options and services it offers.

Prime Carolina Coast and Retiring Baby Boomers

At Prime Carolina Coast, we’re part of the movement to expand retirees’ options. We serve middle-income retired adults age 55+ who want to maintain their independent lifestyle in downsized housing and still enjoy access to great community amenities. Here are five ways we meet the specific needs of these retiring baby boomers.

Independent senior living apartments: Our independent senior living apartments give baby boomers a retirement home with all the amenities they need to live on their own, including a fully-equipped kitchen. At the same time, we provide housekeeping and full maintenance services, leaving apartment owners freer to pursue the activities they love.

Transparent pricing: Our apartments come in multiple floor plans, which are transparently and reasonably priced. One monthly payment includes all living fees, from electricity to Wi-Fi. Residents get access to community amenities at no additional cost.

Healthy dining: Three scratch-made meals a day sound good? Open every day to all residents, our dining room provides delicious, fresh options for every single meal. Boomers can keep those healthy eating habits going with little effort.

Active amenities galore: We’re an active adult community with the amenities to prove it. Residents can stay physically engaged in our fitness facilities that offer classes and great equipment, including an aquatic treadmill. On site, we’ve also got pickleball courts and an 18-hole putting green for friendly competition. Next door, two golf courses make a day on the greens easily accessible.

Flexible connectivity: Baby boomers know that staying connected with a community is a huge benefit for personal wellness. Life in our independent senior living apartments puts residents right next to great neighbors they can connect with. We also keep a busy social calendar of clubs, celebrations, and excursions–many planned by community members themselves. With Wi-Fi available throughout the campus, residents can also virtually connect with distant friends and family.

The baby boomer generation is having a significant impact on senior living, shaping it to better suit active and independent lifestyles. At Prime, we understand this, and we offer a new model to meet the needs of aging baby boomers. If our community’s answers sound like they’re for you, we’d love to talk! You can contact us for more information on our independent senior living apartments and active community amenities.

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